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Hi, I’m Anja. I’m glad you’re taking the time to read this, as it gives me a chance to show how l can help you.

And why.

Whether you’re seeking answers to do with love or relationship issues, or work and career, or even fate and fortune, l know l can help you find answers to those questions in your mind right now.

l am a compassionate and caring psychic counsellor, with nearly 32 years passed since l started on my psychic journey. l specialise mainly in mystical cards – the Tarot, Angel and Mille Lenormand.

l am extremely friendly and very non judgemental,  and in my long time of giving psychic guidance, l have seen and heard it all. The times we live in may change, but the human condition always remains the same.

I use the cards and my spirit guides to help channel into your future, to guide you with the challenges in your life right now. And how certain events in your life can work in your favour.

You can be sure that whatever your questions, the cards will have the right answers. l know this for sure.

l also like to incorporate Astrology and numerology as further tools for your guidance..

Give me a call when you want to talk. l’m logged on every day, and would love to do a reading for you.

once is all

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Usually when people discover that l read the Tarot Cards, they get very interested and want me to read their cards. Often this happens, if l am out and about with friends. But reading the Tarot is not something l do in group situations. It is not for entertainment, because the issues revealed are often of a very personal nature, only to be discussed on a one to one basis.

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I always feel the Tarot is my secret weapon, my beacon of hope to consult when needed. Whenever l seek answers it always provides me with the inspiration l need.

If you need inspiration or a direction to follow, call me. The Tarot always works for me. It will work for you too.

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Hello! I’m Willow. l am a Psychic Counsellor and work with many tools e.g Reiki Healing, Angel healing, Crystal prescriptions, Aromatherapy Oils, and the Pendulum. Also many sets of cards, including Angel cards, Oracle Cards, Animal cards, Fairy cards and many others.

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l also use colour therapy, explaining what colour is good for you in interviews and meeting that special person for a date etc.

l sometimes use Mediumship – Receiving messages from loved ones, who have passed on. But they must be willing to come to me, and use me as a channel to reach you.

l also ‘tune in’ to your ‘Voice Vibrations’, and can sense if you are sad, nervous, angry, happy, lonely etc. l can help you with any problem you may have e.g. Relationships, Marriage, Partnerships, Work, Family, Love, Illness, Depression etc. l will guide you to make decisions more clearly.

l am compassionate, caring, understanding, sensitive, non-judgemental, gentle, honest, sincere and a very good listener. l can see where your problem is. l can also see where hurt, pain, loneliness and trauma are coming from.

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We can chat together about the path/journey you need to take to heal and protect yourself and move on, unblocking blockages which prevent you from ‘Moving On’ in life, and saying ‘Goodbye to the Old’ and ‘Hello to the New’ !!!

l also use Music and Art Therapy, recommended books, oils and crystals that you may need for healing. l can hear the ‘Colour of your words’, the ‘Light and Shade’ in your voice.

l can help build up your confidence and self-esteem and help you through serious health issues, illness or thauma. l can help to comfort you, and ‘wrap you in a blanket’ of ‘Kindness and ‘Acceptance’.

And help to open doorways for you, to a better way of life.

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Psychic SaoirseSaoirse bioHours Saoirse
     I specialise in relationships and resolving issues surrounding relationships. I use my clairvoyance and channel information from my spirit guide to provide counselling into all aspects of your life, which enables me to really connect.
     Above all and most importantly, I like to leave you feeling positive and empowered and on a really good note. I have experience in the counselling field and have empathy and understanding with people in a range of difficult and challenging situations, helping them to resolve their issues.

I live in Ireland in a sleepy little village, surrounded by nothing but nature, which I love. I have been reading for over 20 years now. I am descended from a long line of clairvoyants. I have known of my psychic ability from a very tender age of about 7 years old, when I started to experience premonitions in my dreams.

I also have very good counselling skills in nature in general. I would dream of things before they happened. My Mother and sister also share this gift.

Pendulum saoirse

Along with giving psychic readings, I also work with angels and spirit guides, which I have total faith in. I also use a crystal ball for as much clarity as possible, in conjunction with a pendulum.

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